Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful! Great service, friendly and professional. You can trust your vehicle to Pate's! - Russ W.

I've been taking my van here since February 2011, never had any problems. It's hard to find a place were you can take your car the same day and have it serviced professionally, without paying exhuberant rates. Great people, great place, and I would recommend them to anyone! - Customer Review

Good people, great prices, excelent work. Would recommend it to anyone in need of a good autoshop. - Customer Review

I have been to many mechanics in Asheville. These folks are by far the best I have encountered. They are honest and reasonable. - Customer Review

OUTSTANDING customer service! I love dealing with people! I'm a customer for life! - Tillman G.

Great customer service! Was give estimate for repairs with options prior to repairs being done. Was also given completion time and repairs completed as promised. I'm new to this area and this shop has be come my go to place for all my truck needs. - Taylor C.

Took the car in thinking it was a head gasket issue. They found something that needed to be tightened and in less than 4 hours had it fixed and didn't charge me. Wow. Honest service, great service. Going back for sure - Larry G.

I thought my car had blown a head gasket and took it to Pates which was actually recommended by another garage down the road bc they didnt work on cars older than 1996. Before I took the car down to Pate's I called them on the phone and Sharon talked to me for a long time explaining what the problem may be instead of telling me to bring it by and hurrying me off the phone. That made me feel like they appreciated my possible business. Anyway, I took it down and dropped it off and she told me they would look at it the following afternoon and let me know what was wrong (at this time im still freaking out bc I thought it was the head gasket!) The next day around 2 PM I get a call and Sharon says your car is done you can come get it, ur total comes to $113.00. All you needed was a coolant hose and we pressure tested ur cooling system and ur good to go. I was shocked and very happy at the same time. Most garages always do more or tell me I need more things fixed. Pate's fixed my problem fast and got me back on the road. Thank you everyone at Pate's! All of my cars will be serviced there from now on. - Ron M.

Today I took a young man to Pate's to have his first car checked out before he purchased it. This kid is in an Eliada Homes program that helps foster care youth transition to independence. The owner promptly checked it out and gave it a good bill of health, and best of all, he said didn't charge the young man for the service. We are so thankful to have great neighbors like Pate's Auto Service! - Maggie B.

Simply the best mechanic around! I moved here from CA and was in desperate need to find a mechanic who actually knew about carburetors (I own a a classic 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer), and I found the "Master of Carbs" and mechanics at Pate's Automotive! I called several other mechanics in the area and they all recommended I go to Pate's- they literally said he was "the best." His lovely and sweet wife runs the Front Office and has great communication with you, keeping you updated on everything, and what your options are once her husband takes a look at your vehicle. The prices are VERY fair, and he even gave me deals on the parts (I checked out the part prices online, and he was always cheaper!) He won't charge you for work that doesn't need to get done, and is always upfront, trustworthy, and dependable. I have been there several times for multiple different fixes, and they always deliver top quality service and expertise. They even fixed the low hanging door on my Jeep (they didn't even tell me- they just did it for free :) when I brought it in for a carburetor adjustment. I haven't had to bring any of my other vehicles to him as yet, but you can be assured that I will be bringing them to him when the need arises. They also have several cars for sale outside the shop, and my wife and I have already discussed that it will most likely be the place to buy from when we need another vehicle. Pate's has everything and more that you can ask for in a automotive shop, so stop reading reviews and wondering where to go- just do yourself a favor and go to Pate's! - Tyler T.

Sharon and Mike saved the day! Our car suddenly started making a horrible metal on metal grinding sound just down the street from them and, luckily, it was still possible for it to hobble to the nearest auto shop. We had never met them before but Sharon was very kind on the phone and they took our sad little car right in! I talked briefly with Mike and he sounded like an honest and knowledgeable man. My instincts were right and sure enough they fixed our vehicle up for less than I even expected and we had it back the next day! It is driving better than it has in a year. We are very grateful! - Morgan A.

Excellent work. Fast and easy. Quoted me a price 300 less than another mechanic to have oxygen sensors replaced. Very nice people and fair honest work. Replaced my transmission last Year and replaced it again for free three weeks later when the first one was faulty. I highly recommend them. Also very convenient for west Asheville. - Chris M.

Great mechanic; they're going to be my go to guys from now on. And they're right across the street from a great laundromat. Have a productive day and go to Pate's. - Zachary W.

Our old truck was acting up and I called Karen, she is as sweet as can be. Within a few days Mike had the truck purring and driving better than it had in quite some time. Very reasonable prices and good people to work with. Our truck found its hometown mechanic. - Bill G.

I absolutely love this shop. I was at my wits end dealing with the Ford dealership and their ridiculous prices. I drove to Pates to see what they could do and they told me the repairs could possibly cost upwards of $300 (still half of what the dealership quoted.) Turns out, it was a quick fix and cost me less than $50. Mrs. Pate was very transparent and upfront with me, and I have referred them to everyone I have come in contact with. P.S. if you have a 2010 Ford Fusion and your car has a check engine light on (my issue)... just take it to Pate's, they can fix it faster and better than the Dealership. - Desmond W.

Honesty, Integrity, Very Friendly, and Knowledgeable service. Is that too much to ask for from an automotive repair service. Well not if you are referring to Pate's Automotive Services. They set the examples that others should be following. Unlike many repair shops like Midas or Firestone to name a couple, where if you went in to get a wiper blade changed, they will convince you that you need about $3.000 in repairs before you get out the door.

I have often found this to be the complete opposite at Pate's, I have gone in thinking I needed an expensive part changed or repair made, and instead of jumping on the opportunity to take advantage of me. I was told that the solution I was trying to achieve could be done with a less expensive repair that I thought I needed. Even when encountered with a problem that could have had many parts changed in an attempt to find the exact problem, instead of changing many unnecessary parts to make money on me, Pate's took the time and effort to try to locate the exact problem, instead of just doing unrequired repairs.
All I can say is, it is comforting to know you can still find some businesses that you can trust, and know that when they do repairs, the repair was not only really needed but also taken care of by some of the most well trained and courteous people around. - Tommy P.

My wife and I both bring our cars here for servicing. They are friendly, and respectful.  All car repair places know the person bringing their car in generally has no idea about cars and how they work, and most of them treat you like you're an idiot. Not here! Since they know you don't know, they explain the problem to you, and give you honest solutions, even when they suggest taking the car elsewhere! Great fair prices as well! I had to get a serpentine belt replaced. AAA wanted $120. Pate's, $85! Fair pricing, and friendly, respectful people will keep us coming back! - Adam L.

I came here after driving the husbands car from Raleigh to Asheville for a quick day trip and realized that his car desperately needed new breaks. I did a quick Yelp search and found this place which was close by and had great reviews. I didn't have an appointment as this was a spur of the moment necessity. I told the receptionist in the office that I needed my breaks checked and oil changed (since that was also past due, thanks husband!) and said she was leaving early but they would most likely be able to have my car finished by the end of the day. She wanted me to call around 4 to remind them of my car and see where they were in the progress since she wouldn't be around. I called a little after 4 and, yay!, the breaks are fixed and I can come pick the car up! One of the mechanics went over my bill and the charges and while I don't know how much break changes usually cost, I felt like my total including the oil change was a fair charge and I felt much safer on the drive back home to Raleigh knowing I had working breaks. For fixing my car last minute with only a couple of working hours left in the day I am so appreciative of Pate's! - Brittany B.

Anytime I go to an auto repair place and they tell me I can wait to fix something as opposed to upselling me on services I don't need, they have won me over. This is what happened when I went to Pates. I thought I had damaged an axle but after an inspection, they told me everything was fine and that I would need to replace my front brake pads in a few months.

I went back to have that done and everyone was exceptionally friendly and did amazing work. I just moved to Asheville and will make these guys my forever auto shop. - Stirling G.

The best shop I've ever been to. I'm serious. My F-150 was having rear end problems. I dropped it off and said I will be gone for work for a couple of weeks, take your time. The lady called me the same day and told me what was wrong with the truck, and the price. I told her to go ahead and fix it because it was a very fair price. Two days later she called and said it was done. I was floored. I couldn't believe they finished so fast. And did a great job. I haven't had a problem with the truck since.

I saw that they were also authorized Jasper engine installer. I bet they would do a great job with that too. I will use them again. - James T.

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